About Jomaa

Childhood – Birth of Music Passion

To truly understand where Jomaa came from you have to squint in to the past and take gander at the culture that created this one of a kind talent. While seemingly everyone in Jomaa’s family would listen to a different genre, this is a part of the formula for Jomaa’s success to exceed vocally in a variety of different sounds. From classic rock like Led Zepplin (thanks dad), to Michael Jackson (thanks mom), a little bit of HOVA (JayZ) snuck in by his brothers, and topped off with some pop from his sister, this is the spice that makes such a diverse artist embraced by all.

While listening to all these artists through his trusty Walkman, he started to develop a unique talent. He became extremely good at beatboxing. He would spend countless hours making beats, horns, scratches, and, insert whatever other onomatopoeia that describes a sound, with his mouth. This dude could be the long lost relative of the cop from Police Academy that made all the sounds with his mouth, he’s that good. As time progressed his family and friends noticed his talents and encouraged his passion to continue perfecting his craft.

This would be illustrated in a variety of different ways, but one that comes to mind are the gatherings of friends that would freestyle rap regularly. What started out just as fun, morphed in to full on obsession with words and beats. He would find himself rapping all day with friends then coming home to continue his fixation well in to the early morning hours.

Adult Life – Loading the Weapon

Raised on the rough side of Toledo, Ohio – statistically speaking – Jomaa should have succumbed to the typical lifestyle of rampant drug use in which he was surrounded. Rather than become another statistic, Jomaa flourished – but his first achievement would come through his service to our country.

In June 2010 at the age of 17 and prior to his senior year of high school, Jomaa joined the Army. While in boot camp in Fort Bragg, Jomaa was approached by airborne rangers who spotted his talents – persistence and perseverance. Those traits lead to Jomaa being recruited to receive special training as part of the infantry division and an elite reconnaissance “recon” group. Shortly thereafter, Jomaa commenced his advanced training – involving multiple jumps at 10,000 feet in the pitch black of night while regrouping with his unit on the ground. Ultimately joining the 82nd Airborne Division, Jomaa completed 30 jumps and 40 operations during training alone. Thereafter, he was selected to join the Army’s distinct Global Response Force. Following 3 and a half years of service, Jomaa ultimately achieved the rank of specialist.

Rather than continue his service to country, Jomaa ultimately choose to pursue his ultimate talent and passion. In June 2015, Jomaa released his studio premiere aptly named “Toledo,” which to date has compiled 275,000 views.

Jomaa has proven to himself and the world that it pays to be unconventional. From living in a junk yard in Ohio, to rapping on the Strip in Las Vegas, these trials and tribulations are the ammo that feeds this force of nature and only makes him stronger and more lethal. The road less traveled is the road taken by Jomaa, and that is evident with his unorthodox approach to life. He capitalizes on this and uses his wide range of experiences to create lyrics that resonate with almost everyone out there. His versatility is unmatched in the music world to date. His songs feature hip hop, rap, rhythm and blues, rock, pop, and country.

While it appears Jomaa is cut from the same cloth as everyone else, he is clearly a patchwork of all things great and that is his appeal to the masses. His articulation to convey meaningful messages that come straight from the heart seem to be easy for him not to mention needed in the world today. When it comes to singing and songwriting he does it all. No one writes for him. No ghost writer, just him, alone with his thoughts, notebook, and pen. The beauty of what comes out of his mind and transforms in to collective sound is what makes us keep coming back for more. In all of this, one thing is for sure, you will never find a more motivated individual that seeks to satisfy and encourage others to make a positive change in the world than Jomaa.

Future – Destined for Change

Jomaa is always ready for the next adventure in life. One thing that stays constant for him is his infectious inspiration for others to be great, achieve goals, and bring positivity to those he comes in contact with. While we can’t predict what the future holds for Jomaa, it’s certain that he will continue to be a positive impact for those around him. It’s also unquestionable that he will continue his efforts to create music that is as diverse as the life he has led. After all, he believes there is no other way to live. He knows firsthand that his mental tenacity, unmatched work ethic, and positive attitude will help him achieve whatever goal he desires.

Jomaa - A real person

Jomaa spends his days living life to the fullest just like the rest of us winners. You can usually find him pretty easily, just listen to the sultry sounds that come resonating from whatever room he resides in. If you’ve never seen Jomaa imagine if Jesus was a biker that had mad bars and amazing pipes. He is the epitome of the idiom, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. All jokes aside, he cares deeply about making lasting memories with his fiancé, family, and friends.

Working out, eating healthy, drinking water, and loving life, these are the things that happen often if not every day for Jomaa. Sprinkle a deep conversation about life, philosophy, or deep space and you got the key to his intellectual heart.

He is always singing and writing, this will probably never change. He and his closest friends and family are always planning and making moves to progress the movement to yield the highest results. This will also never change. There seems to be a common denominator amongst those who achieve greatness. What is it, you may ask? Look no further.

Ideas are nothing without it.

Jomaa's Art
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