The road less traveled is the road taken by Jomaa, and that is evident with his unorthodox approach to life. He capitalizes on this and uses his wide range of experiences to create lyrics that resonate with almost everyone out there. His versatility is unmatched in the music world to date. His songs feature hip hop, rap, rhythm and blues, rock, pop, and country. Jomaa is cut from the same cloth as everyone else, and that is his appeal to the masses. His articulation to convey meaningful messages that come straight from the heart seem to be easy for him not to mention needed in the world today.


New Release by Eye Am Jomaa


New Release by Eye Am Jomaa

New releases
from Drake Jomaa

Jomaa is one of the most versatile artists out there because he truly does it all: rap, rock, pop, and soul, just to name a few. His songs feature hiphop and rap verses as well as choruses of all genres. They tell stories that people from all walks of life can resonate with and convey meaningful messages that come straight from his heart.

Jomaa's Art
If I Wanted To
Legendary Love
I'm On Fire
Toe to Toe
Manic Depression
Dead Beat Dad
Talkin Bout Me
Something Gotta Give
Way Too Many
Want It All
Never Know
June Bug

Dacota G

Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Dacota G is one of the best in his field. He has worked with some big name artists like Childish Gambino, Usher, CeeLo Green, Big K.R.I.T., Wonda Gurl. OG Parker, Kato, and now the up and coming Drake Jomaa, who goes by “Eye Am Jomaa”.

He is an artist who can see the vision on his clients and works closely with those involved with the song. He likes to get the personal background behind each song to try and see the artists vision and make it all come out in the music. Through mixing and mastering, he has the ability to take each song and make it radio ready.


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